10 Min Carrot Mug Cake & Cream Cheese Topping

February 3, 2021

It’s the 3rd of February which means it’s ‘Carrot Cake Day’ and we should definitely celebrate it! But rather than going for “the Full Monty” Celebration Carrot Cake with an incredible cream cheese frosting that will take you at least an hour, why not make a plain and simple Carrot Mug Cake that takes you precisely 10 minutes and totally does the trick? Too good to be true? Nope!

What is a Mug Cake?

A Mug Cake is a simple and quick way of indulging yourself when you are craving cake but you just don’t have the time and you don’t want to make a whole batch! It has the same ingredients as a normal cake but you make just one or two portions. You don’t even have to bake it, as you just cook it in the microwave! Now, either you are going to love me for bringing the Mug Cake into your life or you are going to hate me as you’ll be able to make a cake every single day without much effort…but in my defence, this is a healthier version of a Carrot Cake as it doesn’t contain any refined sugar and uses coconut oil as fat.


Carrots were a popular way of bringing sweetness into desserts or puddings before sugar became widely available – the first carrot pudding actually dates back to the Middle Ages. They add additional fibre to your diet which is great for weight control as it will give you a feeling of fullness – now please don’t think you can eat carrot cake everyday! 😉 Carrots contain silicon which benefits both our skin and nails. The lutein and lycopene helps us to maintain good eyesight and night vision. Add carrot sticks to your kids’ lunchbox as it will strengthen and clean their teeth. 

I probably will never forget ‘Carrot Cake Day’ as it is also my Better Half’s birthday…although…he probably would have preferred sharing ‘Chocolate Cake Day’ – which is on the 27th of January … 😉

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