Coco Choco Chia Energy Balls

Coco Choco Chia Energy Balls 3

Coco Choco Chia Energy Balls could become one of your favourite snacks! They are delicious, easy to prepare and healthy, they satisfy those sugar cravings and give you the energy you need when feeling flat or after a long work out, so make sure you keep a supply handy!

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Coconut Chilli Mojito

Coconut Chilli Mojito

A spicy sweet twist to a cocktail classic! Most of us have enjoyed a few great Mojito nights (though not necessarily the morning after) but none of them will have tasted quite like this… a ‘Coconut Chilli Mojito’ is a tropical thrill in a glass. Just add friends.

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Beetroot & Marinated Feta Salad

Beetroot & Marinated Feta Salad_1

This ‘Beetroot & Marinated Feta Salad’ explodes with taste and colour. The dill and oregano lend the feta a densely intricate flavour which is perfectly offset by the earthy sweetness of the beetroot. An easy and quickly prepared starter, you’re guests will love it!

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