Basil Ginger Drop

September 12, 2014

You have probably never used “ basil” and “great cocktail” in the same sentence… all that is about to change! The ‘Basil Ginger Drop’ delivers a refreshingly herbal punch that is sure to get any party started!

Visiting my sister in Shanghai last year, I spent a number of drunkenly happy evenings at Sichuan Citizen, a trendy restaurant that boasted a cocktail list that included an incredibly addictive Basil Drop! I wasn’t so sure at first, as I normally associate basil with herb gardens and pesto… one sip was enough – I had to recreate these at home!

Whilst gulping down alcohol is hardly the healthiest activity, the basil will fortify both your digestive and nervous systems and the lemon juice will alkalise and detoxify your body… so it’s not all bad news! 😉

Basil Ginger Drop 3

serves 2

100ml / 3.4oz vodka
60ml / 2oz lemon juice
5mm / 0.2in of a knob of ginger  peeled and finely grated
basil sprigs – leaves only
40ml / 1.4oz sugar syrup* or 30ml / 1oz agave nectar
ice cubes

1tbsp caster sugar
1 lemon wedge
2 small basil sprig

  1. Take 2 martini glasses and moisten their rim with the lemon wedge.
  2. Put the sugar on a small plate and gently roll the rim of the glass in it in order to cover the rim in sugar.
  3. Add the vodka, lemon juice, grated ginger, basil leaves and sugar syrup/agave nectar to your blender and blend until the basil has dissolved.
  4. Add the ice cubes to your mixture and blend until the ice cubes have dissolved.
  5. Pour into the sugar-rimmed martini glasses. Decorate with a basil sprig.
  6. Enjoy!

To make sugar syrup simply bring 100g / 0.5cup of sugar and 100ml / 3.4oz of water to a boil until the sugar has dissolved. Put aside to cool. This will give you approximately 150ml / 5oz of sugar syrup.

 Tips / Variations:

  • A ‘Basil Ginger Drop’ tastes great even without the ginger.

Print recipe here: Basil Ginger Drop Recipe

Did you know
Vodka can do more than just get you drunk, It can be used to kill both germs and mould. It can even keep your flowers fresh!

  • Dip your razor in vodka – it will disinfect the blade and prevent it from rusting.
  • No need to go to the dry-cleaner, vodka kills the bacteria that cause body odour. Spritz a vodka dilution on your garments, hang them up in an aired room – the smells will vanish (won’t help with stains though).
  • Clean your glasses with a vodka-water mix (add a few drops of dish soap).
  • Extend the life of your cut flowers! Adding a few drops of vodka and a generous pinch of sugar to their water will stimulate ethylene production. Change daily!
Basil Ginger Drop 4

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