Beetroot Rosemary Crisps

May 3, 2015

We all crave chips but they are just so bad for you! The good news is, you can satisfy those urges with the humble beet, which will give you all that naughtiness in a snack packed with goodness…almost too good to be true!

Beetroot Rosemary Chips

Why are beets so good for you?

Beetroot, not necessarily everyone’s favourite, is a genuine ‘superfood’. Besides being both a great source of folate (important during pregnancy) and being packed with antioxidants, beetroot is rich in: potassium, manganese and dietary fibre, as well as containing good levels of: vitamin A, B, C, iron and magnesium.

Cleanses the Liver: Betalain antioxidant pigments support the activity of our phase 2 detoxification process – whereby toxins become water-soluble. During this process, toxins are attached to amino-acids, glutathione or sulphur molecules (depending on the toxin) in order to be neutralised and then excreted. Betalains have been shown to increase the level of ‘hook up’ activity and thereby aid detoxification. The liver produces bile during the third phase which serves as a carrier to eliminate toxic substances from the body. Betaine (a type of betalain, responsible for the beet’s vibrant red color) stimulates the flow of bile.

Beetroot Rosemary Chips

Supports Weight Management & Digestive System: Beets are low in calories, fat free and have a low glycemic load, which enables you to absorb energy at a slow and steady rate. It also helps you to burn fat as well as suppressing food cravings. The high content of soluble fibre in beets acts as an effective laxative.

Cardiovascular & Heart Health: Beets’ dietary nitrate is converted in the body to nitric oxide which widens blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and supports blood flow to extremities (one of Viagra’s virtues). Betaine, folate and vitamin B6 influence the homocysteine level in our blood by supporting the recycling of homocysteine to methionine. A heightened level of homocysteine can damage blood vessels – deteriorating and obstructing the arteries’ three main structural elements: collagen, elastin and proteoglycans. Elevated homocysteine levels have also been linked with Alzheimer disease and bone fragility.

Beetroot Rosemary Chips

In addition, betaine can relaxe your mind and tryptophan (also found in chocolate) can enhance a sense of well being.

Beets are a delicate root and are highly water soluble and temperature sensitive, so when you are washing them be careful as not to hurt their skin, as this will make the beet bleed and shed its nutrients.

Beetroot Rosemary Chips


serves 3-4

1 tsp chopped rosemary

1/2 tsp maldon sea salt or other sea salt
3 medium beetroots (350g/ 12.3oz)
1 tbsp olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 170ºC / fan 150ºC / 340ºF with a baking tray in the middle.
  2. Add the rosemary and salt to your pestle and mortar and work until fine.
  3. Take the beetroots: clean and trim them – no need for peeling! Cut them with a food processor or a mandolin into slices of about 1.5mm / 1/16in – not bigger!
  4. Put them in a bowl with the olive oil, making sure all the beetroots are enrobed in oil.
  5. Lay them in a single layer on parchment paper – you’ll need to make 2 batches!
  6. Just before putting into the oven, sprinkle with the rosemary salt – if you add the salt too early it will make the beetroot lose liquid.
  7. Bake for approximately 30min – start checking on them regularly after 20min as they don’t all cook at the same pace – be careful, they can burn rapidly!  – you could bake both batches at the same time, just rotate trays in between.
  8. Put on a wire rack to cool down – they will crisp up more during this process.
  9. Enjoy!

Tips & Variations

  • Swap rosemary for fresh thyme.
  • Add an exotic touch by replacing rosemary with cumin seeds or orange zest.
  • Add color by mixing red and golden beets.
  • Really don’t like beets? Use sweet potatoes instead.
  • Need a gift? Make a bigger batch of the rosemary salt and put it in a nice glass jar with ribbon and a tag.
  • If you are not eating them straight away, store in an airtight container.

Print recipe here: Beetroot Rosemary Chips Recipe

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