Vanilla Pear Sour & the Groggy British Navy

Vanilla Pear Sour 1

The British Navy is probably not a phrase that you would have expected to read about in a cocktail recipe post. But don’t be fooled…they are actually intimately connected. In a time when the scale of British imperial ambition meant that sailors spent months on end crossing the oceans in their ships, and with fresh water and beer being the only way of getting liquid into their body (sea water couldn’t, as yet, be distilled); ships were continually forced to seek fresh harbour, as the wooden casks would cause the water to become slimy and algae-filled and even beer would soon go off. Continue reading “Vanilla Pear Sour & the Groggy British Navy”

Almond Milk – plain & simple

Almond Milk

You will forget about shop bought almond milk once you have made it yourself! Just get yourself a nut milk bag or a muslin cloth and start squeezing all the goodness out of those healthy pearls.

Unless you buy almond milk from a reputable supplier for a massive price tag, you will never be sure of what you are getting – the percentage of nuts is often minimal (this explains the rather watery taste). Further, the nuts may not be soaked beforehand (read below why this is important) and they will be packed with artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers and additives to prolong shelf life – obviously! But what will strike you most is the wonderful taste of homemade almond milk – drink it plain and it will taste like nothing found in any supermarket!

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Rhubarb Bellini

Rhubarb Bellini

Is there a better drink to celebrate the beginning of summer than a Bellini? The ‘Rhubarb Bellini’ is a simple and delicious twist on an old classic. It will surely impress your guests as rhubarb has the status of an intriguing vegetable and is gaining widely in popularity as a cocktail ingredient!  Continue reading “Rhubarb Bellini”