Clementine Jalapeño Margarita

December 17, 2020

A Mexican cocktail classic goes chilli Christmas! 

Clementines are a Christmas staple, it would be hard to imagine the Holiday Season without this citrusy delight. Besides being in season during the Northern hemisphere’s winter and giving us some extra vitamin C that we need so much more in the cold weather, it also cuts nicely through all the fatty food that we eat at Christmas. 

Clementines are typically found at the bottom of our Christmas stockings (in the ‘Chlaus Bag’ in my native Switzerland). There are different versions of how this tradition started – one of them is from the Greek bishop Saint Nicholas who lived in the 4th century. He devoted his life to helping the underprivileged. One day he heard of a poor man who couldn’t come up with a dowry to find suitors for his three daughters. He travelled to their house and threw three bags of gold coins through the chimney which accidentally landed in the girls’ socks that were hanging by the fire to dry. Clementines are said to be the symbol both of the golden coins and the Saint’s generosity. Another version is that back in the days when citrus fruits were a rare treat, giving clementines or oranges at Christmas was seen as a luxury. I personally like the first version. 😉

About the ‘Clementine Jalapeno Margarita’

As a margarita lover, it is no surprise that I had to create a Christmassy one – I actually got inspired by @RosieLondoner who posted a frozen version on her Instagram. To make it more interesting, I thought that I would add a bit of spice with some jalapeño – red chilli would most certainly go perfectly well too. Having tested it several times (five in fact)…I can only say that it is an amazing and very morish cocktail that you could also drink lying on a sandy beach…the sun warming your skin gently while you’re listening to the waves crashing on the shore. There goes the daydreaming – I am actually sipping on one just now! 😀 Use a good quality Tequila as your head will thank you the next morning.

 Tips / Variations:

  • Use red chilli if you can’t get hold of jalapeño.

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