Fig & Banana Smoothie

June 10, 2014

Start your day with a smile with this ‘Fig Banana Smoothie’! The added cinnamon lends it an intriguing hint of sweetness – a real smoothie thrill!

Fig Banana Smoothie

After having spent a week in India being spoilt by dear friends with a succession of ever richer dishes I’m glad to be dialling down my food intake a little – a smoothie is the perfect antidote!

Smoothies are a great source of nutrients and can easily replace a meal – allowing you both to stay healthy and to control your weight. Next breakfast-time, try a milk or yoghurt base smoothie topped with oats, nuts, seeds and/or dried fruits.

Fig Banana Smoothie

Health Info – Figs
Figs are famously rich in fibre and therefore beneficial to your entire digestive system. Less well-known is that they are also filled with calcium – 2 dried figs contain more than a large boiled egg (28mg vs 25mg) – great for bone density. Their natural potassium content also assists the body’s ability to retain the calcium.

Fig Banana Smoothie

serves 2

2 bananas
200ml / 1 cup almond milk 
2 pinches ground cinnamon

  1. Add all the ingredients into your blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Enjoy!

Tips / Variations:

  • Like it sweeter? Add honey, medjool dates or goji berries to your smoothie.
  • For more antioxidant benefits, add 1 tbsp of almond butter.
  • Use frozen bananas for a more chilled smoothie.
  • Top it with granola, nuts and / or seeds for a more filling and nutritious breakfast.

Print recipe here: Fig Banana Smoothie Recipe

Did you know?
The fig is actually an inverted flower – the male and female flower parts are encased by stem tissue, thereby creating the “fruit”. This container is called a syconium (inside out flower cluster). The seeds we see inside are unfertilised ovaries that have not matured.

Fig Banana Smoothie

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