Garden of Eden Mocktail / Cocktail

January 30, 2021

The ‘Garden of Eden Mocktail’ could make the final days of Dry January truly glorious. You really won’t feel like you are missing out on the real thing. It is as creamy and flavoursome as any alcoholic cocktail. Also…it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Date Night

Lime, apple, cucumber and elderflower come together to create a harmonious, refreshing floral bouquet which will transport you straight to the Garden of Eden. Not surprisingly…the ‘Garden of Eden’ would work exceptionally well on Valentine’s Day…either in Mocktail or Cocktail form as it will set the mood just right for the occasion. Serve in a Sour Cocktail Glass to make it extra special! In the times we are living right now (lockdown etc.) it is important that we make little things unique, a weekly date night does the trick. If you run out of ideas, here are some suggestions:

It is no accident that the ‘Garden of Eden’ Mocktail / Cocktail is flavoured with apple and, as is so often the case, this is one of the key flavours that leads us into temptation. If you want to avoid original sin go for the ‘Garden of Eden Mocktail’, if, you’re prepared to accept ‘the fall’ just go for the full fat version.

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