Lemongrass Ginger Mockito

January 15, 2021

This year’s ‘Dry January’ could be one of the easier ones to follow as everything is shut and we can’t meet anyone. On the other hand, it is very tempting to have a glass or three in the evening to unwind, as we again have to juggle with being stuck inside, kids being homeschooled, housework, cooking…the list is endless. 

Sipping on a ‘Lemongrass Ginger Mockito’ will give you the feeling of the real thing without the hangover or the restless sleep. It is zingy and fresh with a bit of a spice from the ginger – perfect for a Zoom Meeting or Houseparty with your friends. If you don’t belong to the ‘Dry January Gang’ then please feel free to resort to the boozy version – skipping the apple juice and using 70ml of rum or vodka instead (I actually prefer it with vodka), increasing the sugar to 1/2 tbsp and topping it with some sparkling water. 

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