Parsnip Thyme Crisps

December 10, 2020

‘Parsnip Crisps’ are a brilliant festive alternative to the humble potato. Taste wise, parsnips have their unique earthy sweet character – in the past, parsnips were actually used as a sweetener before cane sugar became widely available. That said, they are still highly adaptable as they take on a myriad of flavours: think curried crisps or even flavouring parsnip fries with a powerful ‘Chimichurri‘.

Nutritionally, parsnips are similar to potatoes. They are a bit less calorific and have a higher fibre content (great for keeping you full longer). Parsnips are a great source of vitamins C, vitamin K and folate and antioxidants. But…they still are a root vegetable and are therefore starchy. When we eat starches, our body will break them down into glucose for energy. If we eat too much of it our body will store that excess energy in the form of fat. The key is, diversification! So this time you try those lovely Parsnip Crisps, next time you might choose to make ‘Beetroot Crisps‘ or change direction completely and go for healthy ‘Kale Crisps‘…as long as it’s crispy! 😉 

In this recipe I firmly suggest you keep the skin on, for, as with many vegetables, a lot of nutrients are situated directly under the skin. In fact, you’ll even save time by leaving the creamy coloured skin on. Win win! 

Fighting Food Waste with scraps

All to often we peel the skin of root vegetables and throw it on the compost or – even worse – in the bin. But why not make crisps out of them?!? Just take your root vegetable peels (potato, sweet potato, parsnips, beetroot…), mix them with some olive oil and season to your taste with the spices/herbs you like and bake them as in the recipe below….just a bit less long as they will be thinner.

These ‘Parsnip Thyme Crisps’ are super easy to make especially if you are using a mandolin. They are tasty and good fun to eat…the kids couldn’t get enough of them. Feel free to add any herbs or spices you like.  

 Tips / Variations:

  • Add any spices you like such as chilli flakes, rosemary or garlic. 
  • Why not add some curry powder? 
  • Why not add other root vegetables into the mix such as carrots and beetroot

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