Fruit_____________ Vegetables___________ Herbs___________ Meat_&_Game__ Fish_&_Seafood___
apricot artichoke bay leaf beef black bream
banana aubergine basil grouse cod
blackberry beetroot chamomile rabbit crab
blueberry broad bean chives lamb crayfish
cherry broccoli coriander pork dover sole
fig cabbage lavender venison haddock
goosberry carrot lemon thyme halibut
melon chilli marjoram herring
nectarine celery mint langoustine
peach courgette oregano lemon sole
plum cucumber parsley curly & flat lobster
pomegranate fennel rosemary mackerel
raspberry french bean sage monkfish
redcurrant garlic sorrel plaice
strawberry kohlrabi tarragon pollock
tomato lettuce & salad leaves thyme prawn
watermelon marrow red mullet
onion salmon
pak choi sardine
peas scallop
pepper sea bass
potato sea bream
radicchio sea trout
radish shrimp
rocket squid
runner bean tuna
spring onion

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