Fruit_____________ Vegetables________ Herbs_________ Meat_&_Game__ Fish_&_Seafood___
apple beetroot bay leaf duck clam
banana brussels sprout goose cockle
clementine cabbage grouse cod
cranberry cauliflower guinea fowl dover sole
date celeriac hare haddock
grapefruit celery lamb halibut
passion fruit chicory phesant hake
pear horseradish pork langoustine
pineapple jerusalem artichoke rabbit lemon sole
pomegranate kale turkey lobster
quince kohlrabi venison mackerel
satsuma leek monkfish
tangerine lettuce mussel
pak choi oyster
parsnip plaice
potato prawn
pumkin red mullet
radicchio scallop
salsify sea bass
shallot sea bream
swede turbot

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