Rhubarb Bellini

Rhubarb Bellini

Is there a better drink to celebrate the beginning of summer than a Bellini? The ‘Rhubarb Bellini’ is a simple and delicious twist on an old classic. It will surely impress your guests as rhubarb has the status of an intriguing vegetable and is gaining widely in popularity as a cocktail ingredient!  Continue reading

Curly Kale Chips

Kale Chips

Why is Kale so popular? Until a few years ago no one had really heard of it but suddenly farmers are struggling to keep up with demand. Not only is it becoming a favourite celebrity superfood but you fashionistas can even hang it in your wardrobe in the form of a t-shirt, sweater or hoodie. Continue reading

Beetroot Rosemary Crisps

Beetroot Rosemary Chips
We all crave chips but they are just so bad for you! The good news is, you can satisfy those urges with the humble beet, which will give you all that naughtiness in a snack packed with goodness…almost too good to be true!

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