Why the Blog?

People are always telling me that they love my food but that, somehow, cooking creatively is “beyond them”. I’m always telling them that being imaginative in the kitchen is not that complicated. It just takes some practice and organisation. They never believe me.

We all tend to cook the same dishes over and over again, staying firmly in our culinary comfort zone… but just remember the joy you felt when last cooked a dish for the first time and created something magical. We are bounded by the fear of failure that keeps our kitchen small. Step away from this and you can explore fresh menus and, literally, spice up your life.

I want to share a world of exceptional dishes that are easily within reach of those who dare to try the “new”. Of course there will be a failure or two but that just flavours the learning process, as you free yourself from “the usual”…

The recipes (starters, soups, main courses, desserts…) are subdivided into the following categories:
• Healthy: healthy, tasty dishes
• Indulgence: treat ourselves!

The start
I have been mulling over this blog for two years, creating recipes, exploring my kitchen. Time to give it a go! To quote Joseph Chilton Pearce:
“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
As you free yourself in your cooking you will find that it permeates into other areas of your life. We live imprisoned in the perceptions of others, shrinking our horizons, but only too late do we realise that we always regret what we haven’t done rather than things we have.

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