Winter Spiced Gin Cocktail

As December approaches and the nights draw in, the more we feel the childish anticipation of Christmas. We start setting up the Christmas tree and all the decorations, the house fills with the smell of freshly baked cookies and a roaring fire is dances in the chimney. Now the only thing missing is a lovely cocktail in hand to remind us that Santa will soon be making his rounds…this may all sound a bit cheesy, but this year, more than most, a bit of simple Christmas cheer is exactly what we need.

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Spirulina Beauty Smoothie – give your skin some love!

Spirulina, one of the oldest life forms on earth, is hailed for its excellent nutritional content and its health benefits. High in protein (over 60%), packed with vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins and loaded with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium – it is a true superfood. Spirulina was made famous by the NASA who originally gave it as a dietary supplement for their astronauts travelling into space.

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Vanilla Pear Sour & the Groggy British Navy

Vanilla Pear Sour 1

The British Navy is probably not a phrase that you would have expected to read about in a cocktail recipe post. But don’t be fooled…they are actually intimately connected. In a time when the scale of British imperial ambition meant that sailors spent months on end crossing the oceans in their ships, and with fresh water and beer being the only way of getting liquid into their body (sea water couldn’t, as yet, be distilled); ships were continually forced to seek fresh harbour, as the wooden casks would cause the water to become slimy and algae-filled and even beer would soon go off. Continue reading “Vanilla Pear Sour & the Groggy British Navy”